My hideout

Hi everyone,

What do I want to do in my little corner of cyberspace? Share with you a little bit of my life! Not that it's so very interesting... We are mostly normal crazy people ;) But just because you can learn a lot about other people when giving each other an insight into your life. All in good spirits of course, AND I only show what I want to share. However, I hope you'll enjoy yourself here. If you do: just drop a line in the guestbook!

The part of my website I myself like most is the 'My Pictures' section. The name gives the game away, doesn't it? We have taken quite a lot of pictures during our travels and also regularly take pictures in our daily life. As it has become really easy with digital camera's nowadays you take more pictures than in the past, but almost don't do anything with them anymore. I want to change that and thus I put a big selection of our pics up on this website for all of you to enjoy! The Gallery will be build up in due course.

So watch this space!

Basically: enjoy this website. Maybe drop me a line in the guestbook if you'd like.

Hugs, Jacqueline

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